Karlos Marshall

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Karlos L. Marshall

Academic Development Coordinator, Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) at ArtStreet

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MS.Ed., Higher Education Administration, University of Dayton
B.A., Philosophy (Africana and Diaspora Studies), Wittenberg University 


Through sociocultural and artistic upbringings and interactions, Karlos L. Marshall has become the emergence of a critical race theorist, educator, community organizer and public art interventionists as he prides himself on the enactment of social justice and cultural upward mobility. He couples his philosophical acumen and theoretical renderings with a pragmatic approach to formidable solutions, as a creative curriculum designer and deliverer of innovative non-traditional pedagogies, platforms and installations. Prior to becoming the Academic Development Coordinator for the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) at ArtStreet, Karlos served as the Graduate Assistant at ArtStreet from 2013 - 2015. In his current role, Karlos oversees the development and implementation of transformational multidiscplinary education with more than 40 University faculty and staff members, as well as a host of regional creatives.