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Dining Services

Nutritionally Speaking...

Whether you are interested in changing your lifestyle or have particular dietary needs, as a part of the UD community, you are eligible for a free, personal nutrition consultation with the University's Dining Services Associate Director & Registered Dietitian, Joan Bauman MS, RD, LD.

Dining Services offers a variety of nutritional information to the UD community. If you have questions regarding general nutrition, food allergens, or special dietary restrictions, Joan Bauman, MS, RD, LD is an excellent resource. Any student, faculty, or staff member of the University may consult with Joan, the University's Administrative Dietitian.

Joan Bauman

The University of Dayton's Dining Services

hw0.jpgWe take great pride in serving the UD community. Investing in your general health & wellness is just one way Dining Services wants to help take care of you!

Each Dining Services venue on campus offers multiple meal options. While you may find foods that might not be so good for you, you can certainly find plenty that are.

UD's dining facilities support the many lifestyle choices and dietary restrictions of today's generation. From vegetarian to vegan, you will also find lactose- free, gluten- free and halal items in each venue *(halal items are exclusive to VWK Grainary & Passports). Log into UD Daily for the day's menu at each Dining Services location.

Health & Wellness Resources:

Pick up a Dining Services brochure located in any dining facility, or take a look and download any of the following:


Dining Services

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