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Table Tents

Please read the table tent guidelines below and contact Rebecca Henry ( with an inquiry.


All table tents must be approved by Dining Services (1) week prior to being placed in any of the dining venues. Please note, this is not an editorial review or proof reading of the table tent/s and requests will be considered from University departments and/or in support of University sanctioned events, only.

Table tents may only be displayed for (1) week (Monday - Sunday), with requests being limted to a total of only (4) weeks during the academic year. At no time will more than one table tent from a non-Dining Services source be approved for display during the same week.  Requests for midweek and/or longer periods will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may require additional copies of the table tent to replace damaged or worn table tents during the scheduled display period.

Table tents are to look professional and be free from images or content that is inappropriate for a dining room.  All University offices must have their table tents reviewed by Dining Services' Director/Associate Director for approval. Please send an electronic copy of the final table tent to Rebecca Henry at (

Table tents need to be made of card stock (minimum 80 lb stock) and contain at least three sides (a bottom does count as a side).  Size is limited to 6”H x 3”W (square design) or 6” high with 3.5” wide (trifold design).  

Below are the appropriate numbers that should be delivered to each dining room.  These need to be assembled (ready to put on tables) and delivered to the General Manager’s office in each location.  These numbers include additional reserve copies that will be used to replace damaged or worn table tents during the period they are to be displayed.  Dining Services staff will place the table tents on the tables. 

  • Au Bon Pain/Marianist Dining Room - 50  table tents/ GM- Nadia Vagedes
  • Kennedy Union Crossing (Spice, Toss, 'Que) - 150 table tents/ GM- Amy Martin
  • Marycrest - 50 table tents/ GM- Neil McLaughlin
  • Virginia Kettering - 60 table tents/ GM- Joe McClanahan
  • Brown St. Bistro - 12 table tents/ GM- Joe McClanahan
  • The Emporium - 20 table tents/ GM- Barb Gilbert

Dining Services

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