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Dining Services

Sustainability Initiatives
  • UD Dining started using compostables in 2009 and has successfully diverted several tons of waste from going to the landfill.
  • Dining Services' three largest dining facilities use GoZero to haul all compostable waste materials to a commercial facility. 
  • Because compostable items cost significantly more than other non- ecofriendly items, students are asked to contribute $.10 per to-go container and $.05 per utensil.
  • Students can help promote sustainability efforts by choosing real items (plates, silverware, etc.) when dining in. Washing and re-using items is better for the environment than purchasing more compostable items, which require more energy and resources to produce.
Additional ways you can help:

You can do your part by supporting the University in its sustainable steps and urging movement forward by:

  • Dining in! There is a $.10 charge on compostable to-go containers. Instead, use a real plate and return any food waste to the tray return in the dining venues to be composted.
  • Try out any of our local products that support the partnerships we are making in the community.
  • Learning about UD's 3- part disposal system so that you are aware of what should be composted, recycled and thrown into the garbage.
  • Using a refillable water bottle/mug for your beverage throughout the day.
  • Going meatless! Decreasing meat consumption, even once a week, can greatly decrease your carbon footprint. By choosing plant based meals, you will be able to easily make delicious and environmentally conscious meal decisions. 

The University of Dayton Dining Services proudly supports the institution's commitment to community, serving a variety of locally sourced products throughout our dining facilities. By utilizing local suppliers we bring fresher produce to the University, use less fuel in transport and provide job opportunities.


Dining Services

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