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Dining Services

Go Green

The most sustainable way to dine is to dine-in.  However, if you must take a meal to-go, please choose a Go Green reusable container. They are FREE to all UD affiliated customers.  

The success of the Go Green program depends on YOU returning your dirty container to Dining Services.

Choosing a reusable dining container for meals or dining in significantly reduces the number of single-use disposable to-go containers that go directly to the landfill when discarded! 

Also, because our disposable to-go containers are compostable, they have considerable costs.  These costs are passed on when you place a to-go order that is NOT in the green containers. 

Eat. Return. Repeat.

This is a zero waste initiative to create awareness and assist in eliminating landfill waste. 

How It Works:
  • Order your meal at a Dining Services location, and ask for a reusable green container
  • At check-out, you will scan your ID then scan the barcode on the top of the container
  • Enjoy your meal
  • When you are finished, return your unwashed container to a designated return bin, or tray return area at Kennedy Union, Marycrest & VWK
  • Containers are washed and sanitized in our commercial, high-temperature dish machines.

 The containers are 100% reusable and 100% safe. They are not for trash or recycling. 

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Return Bin Locations
  1. Founders Lobby
  2. St. Mary's Lobby
  3. Marianist Hall Lobby
  4. Marycrest tray return & lounges
  5. Roesch Library Refuel Zone (First Floor)
  6. Stuart Hall Lobby
  7. VWK Lobby & Lounges
  8. Anderson Center
  9. Fitz Hall, 5th floor at the Brown St. Bistro
  10. Jessie Phillips Humanities building
  11. Kettering Labs
  12. Miriam Hall
  13. RecPlex
  14. Sherman Hall
  15. St. Joseph's Hall


Containers may also be returned to the tray return areas of Kennedy Union, Marycrest and VWK



Dining Services

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0404