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Dr. Daniel J. Curran

Daniel J. Curran

An Innovative, Energetic Leader

Daniel J. Curran served for 14 years as president of the University of Dayton, a top-tier national research university and one of the top Catholic universities in the country.

Dr. Curran brought a forward-thinking approach and a strong commitment to Catholic higher education, social justice, internationalization, sustainability and economic development.

Dr. Curran guided the University of Dayton through transformational times and presided over an era of remarkable growth. By almost every measure — from selectivity and research dollars to ranking, endowed faculty and internationalization — the University of Dayton grew in stature during his presidency at a pace among the most rapid and substantial of any American university.

His personal experience in China and his vision led to the University's establishment of The China Institute in Suzhou Industrial Park, a one-of-a-kind global academic and research center that brings together scientists, engineers, students and faculty to collaborate with and create solutions for Fortune 500 companies.