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Pass/fail options and late withdrawals for undergraduate students


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March 24, 2020 

Dear Students,

Good afternoon.

I hope this finds you well and that your classes are off to a good start in this new online model.  I am writing to inform you that the University will be providing two options to undergraduate students related to their courses and grades this spring.

First, we are extending the withdrawal deadline.  Previously, students had until April 6 to withdraw with record from a course or courses they are taking this term.  That date has been extended until Friday, April 24.  The withdrawal process has not changed; the process is still initiated by you, the student. You can find the process outlined on Porches under the Flyer Student Services tab. You will still be required to notify your instructor and gain permission from your dean’s office. You should understand the implications this may have for overall completion of your degree program.

Second, you have the choice to complete a class or multiple classes this semester on the Pass/Fail grading scale; this is called “Option 2.”  In order to receive a passing grade under Option 2, a student must earn a C- or better in the course.  Students are permitted to take up to 15 credit hours under Option 2 grading, but courses this term will be waived from that rule. Any courses taken under Option 2 this semester will be removed from the 15 credit limit. Students will have until Friday, April 24 to make a change to the grading option for a course or courses this semester.  Students will be allowed to change the option for one, some, or all of their courses.

Be aware that some graduate or professional programs will not accept pass/fail grading options for required courses.  We strongly recommend that you speak with your advisor prior to moving to Option 2.

The process for choosing Option 2 grading is initiated by you, the student.  You can do this online.  Please go to Porches-Flyer Student Services-Student Success Network and “raise your hand” to initiate the process.  Upon approval from your assistant dean, the grading option will be changed, and you will receive email notification. Please allow a 2-3 business days to process this request.

If you have any questions about either the withdrawal or the grading options, please reach out to your dean’s office.

Paul Benson
Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs


Addendum to this email - March 24, 2020

Can I get an extension on withdrawing from class? 

The new deadline to withdraw from a class is April 24. Click here for more information.

Is there a pass/fail option? 

The University announced a pass/fail option March 24. Click here for more information. Be aware some graduate or professional programs will not accept pass/fail grading options for required courses. We strongly recommend that you speak with your advisor prior to moving to Option 2.

How does the pass/fail option (grading option 2) affect my GPA? 

Pass/fail grades do not factor into your GPA. 

If I am retaking a course, can I change to the pass/fail option (grading option 2)?  

Yes, but if you're doing so to improve your GPA, please remember pass/fail grades are not factored into your GPA.  

What grade do I need to get to "pass?" 

A passing grade using grading option 2 will indicate you earned a C- or better in the course.  

If I am retaking a course and change to grading option 2, will that retake count toward the limit of 12 credit hours I am allowed to retake?  

If you are retaking a course and change to pass/fail (grading option 2), the course will not count toward your limit of 12 credit hours you can retake. 

Where can I find additional information about withdrawing from a class or the pass/fail option? 

Please first check the message Provost Benson sent to students March 24. If you don't find your answer there, please consult with your adviser.