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COVID-19 Resources

Message from Office of Learning Resources to faculty


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March 26, 2020

Dear Faculty colleagues: 

It is the faculty member’s responsibility to continue to provide accommodations for students who have shared (or will share) an Accommodation Letter. OLR Disability Services staff will be happy to consult (online or by phone) regarding questions about how to do this and will continue to share ideas. Email with questions or to set up an appointment.  

The following items concern testing accommodations for online tests and quizzes:  

  • It is the faculty member’s responsibility to ensure that testing accommodations are provided in the online testing and quizzing environment. If you use Isidore for tests or quizzes, please consult these Isidore instructions to learn how to set extended time on Isidore tests for students with accommodations. If you use a different platform, consult their materials or support staff for information on how to extend a student’s testing time.
  • We will not be using AIM for student test requests while classes remain online only. Please assign extended time to any student who is eligible for it as per their Accommodation Letter (under the heading Alternative Testing). We encourage you not to wait for a student to contact you.
  • Even though we will not be using AIM for student test requests, it still remains a vital source of information for you. Log on to AIM to see the list of students in ALL of your courses and sections who have requested accommodations. You can click on “View” next to each student’s name to see the current accommodation letter (with their extended time listed, usually 1.5x or 2x). 
  • If you have not logged into AIM before or are having issues with AIM, please email or call 937-229-3475.  We will respond as soon as possible. 

              Class test time - 1.5 x - 2.0 x
              50 minutes - 75 minutes - 100 minutes
              75 minutes - 113 minutes - 150 minutes 

  • Many UD students (some of whom are not registered with disability accommodations) are dealing with anxiety related to the abrupt transition to an online learning environment. We ask for flexibility in the case of issues that may arise. Technical issues should not impact a student’s grade or right to accommodations. 
  • We ask that you make it clear to your students how they can contact you during the testing window if they have any questions or problems.
  • It is impossible for OLR to proctor tests given that we are working remotely. Please keep that in mind as you design your assessments. 
  • OLR will continue to assist both you and your students with troubleshooting. For this reason we are asking students to include OLR on emails to faculty regarding testing issues. Please remember many testing issues in Isidore can only be fixed by you, the instructor.  

Thank you,

Elizabeth G. Harrison, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Learning Resources (OLR)
Associate Director, Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center (LTC)

  • OLR will be available via phone and email Mon-Fri from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. The office in Roesch 023 will not be open until further notice.
  • Appointments for Disability Services, accommodations, and Voluntary Medical Withdrawals will be conducted via telephone. To schedule, call 937-229-2066. 
  •  Academic Coaching, Tutoring, WritePlace, and Supplemental Instruction will be accessible remotely. Please check the website pages for details.
  • For all other questions, please visit