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Message to faculty about pass/fail grading option impact on honors credits


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March 25, 2020 

Dear Colleagues:

This is to update you on how the newly announced pass/fail grading option (for Spring '20) will impact Honors credits. This has been an unusual semester in many, many ways, so the Honors Program is trying to be as flexible as possible in response to the changing academic environment.

1) If students are currently enrolled in an Honors course this semester, and opt for the pass/fail option, a "pass" will earn Honors credits in the same way that a B or better does under normal circumstances.

2) If students opt for the traditional letter grade option in an Honors course, however, only a "B" grade or higher will earn Honors credits.

3) These same rules (for Spring Semester '20 only) will also apply to the Honors thesis. Choosing the pass/fail option for Honors thesis hours means that students will need to earn a "pass."  For Honors thesis students selecting the traditional letter grade option, a "B" or better is needed to earn Honors credits for a thesis.

It goes without saying, perhaps, that this policy is only in effect for the current Spring '20 semester.  The Honors Program hopes that by fall, we will be back to business as normal.

Please stay safe.

John McCombe
Director of Honors