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COVID-19 Campus Status

The University's status is 2 - green - LOCALIZED

Working with public health officials and our medical advisory panel, the University established campus statuses, which are defined further down this page. See safety measures and restrictions in effect for the current campus status.

The University will update this dashboard in a timely manner as information becomes available and is verified. You can also view a dashboard for Montgomery County and the state of Ohio.

As per the University's protocols, Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County is notified of every positive case and contact tracing is initiated.

University of Dayton COVID-19 Cases: Students

Chart depicting COVID-19 cases among UD students. On January 20, 2021, there were zero new cases. There are 1,538 cases that have completed the isolation period and five active cases. There have been 1,543 total cases since August 10, 2020. The 7-day moving average is 1. During the spring semester arrival program from January 13 through January 20, 2021, 3,749 returning students were tested; nine positive cases were identified. The positivity rate for arrival tests for this period is 0.24%. Among employees and visitors, since August 10, 2020, there have been 58 employee cases and 13 visitor cases. There are four active cases.

  • Cases reported reflect individuals who have been working, living, studying or otherwise on campus during their contagious period.  
  • "Total cases" reflects cases recorded since 8/10/20, when the tracking system was implemented. Six student and two employee/visitor cases were reported prior to that date. 
  • "New cases" reflects confirmed positive COVID-19 cases recorded into the tracking system during the date displayed.
  • "Active Cases" reflects individuals who are currently isolating either on or off campus.
  • "Completed isolation period" reflects individuals no longer in isolation.
  • "7 Day Test Positivity Rate" is updated each Friday and reflects student random surveillance testing results during the period displayed.
  • All data are updated as results are received and verified. An audit conducted Sept. 24, 2020, found some cases were categorized incorrectly and data for total cases and cases that completed the isolation period were adjusted accordingly.
  • Reporting the overall campus positivity rate will be resumed in February, when surveillance testing of students also resumes.

Status Levels

Working with public health officials and our medical advisory panel, the University established five campus status levels.

Status 1 - GREEN - CONTAINED: A small number of individuals have tested positive, and contact tracing suggests that exposures are confined and the situation can be contained, isolated, and remediated. If an exposed or infected individual is a resident, they will be referred to quarantine or isolation as needed. Affected areas are decontaminated and University medical and contact tracing staff can monitor for possible escalation. All other campus and residence operations remain unaffected. 

Status 2 - GREEN - LOCALIZED: An outbreak, for example, could occur in a particular floor, classroom, office suite, or common area where contact tracing still allows for a high degree of confidence in the ability to isolate and contain any flare-ups. It may require a floor, class, office suite, or common area to be closed for a period of time to allow for proper decontamination and containment to prevent ongoing exposure. A larger number of residents may be put in isolation or asked to quarantine. 

Status 3 - YELLOW - CAUTION: An outbreak occurs where the ability to contact trace with high confidence makes it difficult to identify a specific area for containment, isolation and remediation. It may be necessary to close affected areas or buildings, isolate or move affected students, and/or ask impacted employees to move to remote operations. Some courses may switch to strictly online modality.

Status 4 - RED - WARNING: In the event contact tracing cannot reliably identify affected parties or spaces and contain the spread of COVID-19 campuswide, the University may switch all students to fully remote learning while staying in their on-campus residences. Commuter students will not come to campus and will use virtual learning tools. Students with the ability to return home may be asked to do so. Impacted employees will be asked to work remotely. The University will return to more normal, in-person operations once it can contain the outbreak.

Status 5 - PURPLE - VACATE: If the spread of COVID-19 on campus or locally is such that public health guidance or direction, or the University administration with the advice of our medical panel deems it critically necessary for the safety of our entire campus community to move students off campus to continue their classes, the University will initiate the following process:

  • Students within 400 miles of campus have 24 hours to move out of their on-campus residences.
  • All other domestic students will have 48 hours to move out of their on-campus residences.
  • International students can work with CIP regarding any special accommodations.
  • Students unable to move out of their on-campus residences in the allotted time can email to make alternate arrangements.

Should an immediate evacuation of campus be necessary such that students cannot take their belongings with them, the University will contact students at a later date about a possible move-out process.