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New Horizons Music Current Session

New Horizons Music Program Sessions

Fall Term: September 9-December 9, 2021

Spring Term: January 20-April 26, 2022

Opportunities for appropriate levels of instruction and rehearsal:


Rising Stars

For those learning to play an instrument, and those needing a refresher. Group and individual instruction will include beginning music-reading skills, tone and technique development, and ensemble performance skills. 

Concert Band I

For those who are able to read music comfortably, have developed an acceptable tone quality, and have learned most of the required technique to perform. No ensemble experience is necessary to play in this concert band. We emphasize ensemble performance techniques during each rehearsal. Music selections will be comprised of intermediate to advanced difficulty.

Concert Band II

For those who find themselves between the beginner and intermediate levels (beginner level too easy, advanced concert band music too challenging). This group will focus on the continued development of music-reading skills, instrument technique, and tone. Music selections will be comprised of easy to intermediate difficulty.

Jazz Band I

For those who play at least at the intermediate level and are comfortable performing various jazz styles. Membership must be approved by the director, with consideration given to membership seniority and instrumentation needs. Instrumentation is limited to saxophone, trombone, trumpet, drum set/percussion, keyboard, bass, and guitar.

Jazz Band II

For those who may be new to playing jazz music. It is required that participants have played their instrument for at least one year. Instruction and rehearsals will include various jazz styles, improvisation and ensemble techniques. ALL brass, woodwind, keyboard, guitar, and percussion instruments are welcome.

Small Groups

Small ensembles (such as quartets, trios, etc.) are also available to play in at no extra cost. Participants must belong to at least one of the above ensembles. Contact Linda Hartley for more information:


Rising Stars, Concert Bands
Thursdays, 9:00-10:15a.m.
Temple Beth Or, 5275 Marshall Road, Kettering
Jazz Bands and Small Groups
Thursdays, 11:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Temple Beth Or, 5275 Marshall Road, Kettering

For more information regarding UD's New Horizons Music Program, please contact Linda Hartley, Music Director at, or Anna Fricker, Promotions Co-Chair at 937-239-7445, or


  • $90/term for Concert, Rising Stars only
  • $90/term for Jazz Band only
  • $135/term for BOTH the concert and jazz bands
  • Cancellations received after the session begins are non-refundable


Members are expected to participate in scheduled performances unless there are acceptable reasons not to do so.  We want members to benefit from not only instruction, but also performance experiences.

Other Information

  • There is no limit to number of participants in Concert Bands, Rising Stars or Jazz Band II. Jazz Band I has limited participation due to standard jazz band instrumentation.
  • Small ensembles are available with membership.
  • Individual lessons are encouraged. Contact Linda Hartley to arrange lessons taught by UD music education students.
  • Instruments may be rented or purchased from any local music dealer.
  • Method books for Rising Stars, Concernt Band II, and Jazz Band II will need to be purchased (approx. $9). We use Essential Elements Book 2 for Concert Band II, and First Place in Jazz for Jazz Band II. These may be purchased through most local music dealers.


Register online:

To register by mail, download the NHMP registration form (PDF) >>

Or, call University of Dayton Special Programs and Continuing Education: (937) 229-2347

For more information contact:

Dr. Linda Hartley, music director, at (937) 760-4553 or or Anna Fricker, President, (937) 239-7445 or


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300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7011
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