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Communication and Sales Training for Credit Union Representatives

Special Programs and Continuing Education offers a unique training experience for credit union sales representatives. Communication and Sales Training for Credit Union Representatives typically runs for four weeks, with one half-day training session per week. With a maximum of 25 participants, the small class size allows for a great learning experience, with the following outcomes in expected:

  • Learn about yourself as a communicator.
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal ability competence when talking to members.
  • Develop skills for creating a positive image to project to others.
  • Acquire skills to manage the give and take of conversations on the job.
  • Gain ability to improve your credibility with members and influence their decisions.
  • Manage the process for adding value (sales) to member participation in financial services.

The curriculum enables enhancement of the following skills:

  • Verbal-nonverbal communication competence: understanding your personal communication style; developing skills in using precise language and avoiding vague language; developing skills in using eye-contact, voice and facial expressions; and developing skills in using nonverbal fundamentals to project attention, interest, concern and appreciation. 

  • Listening and responding competence: hone your ability to use four basic steps to enhancing listening skills. Sessions include: Hold your fire; Be flexible; Keep your mind open; and Listen for ideas.
  • Three types of listening skills: listening to learn and comprehend; listening to evaluate and give feedback; and listening to empathize and understand.
  • Understanding your personal response style involving: probing responses; paraphrasing responses; supporting responses; analyzing responses; and advising responses. 
  • Skills for influencing the decisions of members by: improving ability to mirror the language of others; building your credibility with members; using responses that separate the content from the personal; and using the four styles of influence - telling, selling, creating and enlisting.

  • Skills for marketing of financial services to members by: identifying what the member values - their wants and needs through making conversation and asking the right questions; exploring how member wants and needs are related to credit union products; and moving the member toward acceptance. These goals are met by using your personal credibility and expertness to explain the product, and relating positive outcomes of products to wants and needs of the member.
  • Participants will compile a personal communication profile from information collected during the four modules. Outcomes include: type of image that service representative projects to members; strengths in communication with the member; and challenges to meet to improve communication with the member.

Upcoming training sessions will be announced.