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Certified Professional Secretary Exam Review

The CPS Exam Review Course is designed as a refresher course for individuals planning to take the CPS exam. The course content is based on the CPS Examination Review Series published by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) and Prentice Hall. Material from this series will be made available to participants taking the CPS Exam Review Course. Each session of the review course is led by professionals whose area of expertise lies in the topic they present. In additional to this, secretaries who have already passed the exam and earned their CPS designations will attend many of the sessions to answer questions and offer study tips to help in preparation for the exam. A schedule of upcoming exam review courses will be announced.

The Exam

The Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) rating is a universally recognized standard of proficiency - the capstone of the secretarial profession. Many of the more than 62,000 CPS professionals agree that earning the designation has given them the confidence to assume greater job responsibilities, a feeling of pride in their accomplishments, greater respect from employers and peers, as well as pay increases, bonuses, and opportunities for advancement. The CPS designation is earned through a certification program designed for secretaries and other administrative support staff. This program evaluates levels of knowledge and competency, encourages professional development, provides a means to keep informed of changes in the field, and offers a way to further develop professional skills.

Passing the CPS Examination is the first step towards making a long term investment in your career. Maintaining your CPS rating reaffirms your willingness to continue to grow professionally. The CPS Examination is based on the premise that a professional secretary should know how to apply the principles of good human relations and have basic knowledge of finance, technology, economics, communication, and management. It is administered twice a year on the first Friday and Saturday of November and May. Applications, fees, and supporting documents must be postmarked before February 15 for the May Examinations, and before August 15 for the November Examination. Full-time employed secretaries, experienced secretaries, college and university students, and business educators are eligible to enroll in the CPS Program.

Continuing Education Units

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive Continuing Education Units (CEU). The CPS Exam Review Course is approved by the University of Dayton for 3.6 CEU. You must attend every session to earn CEU.

Office Systems and Technology
  • 12% Computer Hardware
  • 16% Document Layout
  • 60% Software
  • 12% Managing Physical Resources

175 Questions: 2 hours 15 minutes

Office Administration
  •  28% Records Management
  •  72% Communication

175 Questions: 2 hours 15 minutes

  •  48% Human Resources
  • 16% Accounting Procedures and Analysis
  • 12% Time Management
  • 24% Communication

175 Questions: 2 hours 15 minutes

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