Minicourse Program Overview & Registration

Minicourse Program courses are special, short-term, interdisciplinary credit courses developed by University faculty, (or sometimes by students with the advice and consent of a faculty member), to meet specific, highly current needs or interests not covered in the regular curricula.

Minicourses are free of charge to full-time students, even if the course puts them over the full-time limit, and are open to part-time and non-UD students for credit or audit.

The typical minicourse carries one semester hour of credit, or fifteen class hours. Classes can be in various sequences, extending over several weeks or concentrated within a few days. Some minicourses take the form of workshops. Occurring at various times in the year, minicourses are publicized throughout campus. They can be added to students' schedules during the term.

More minicourses may begin throughout the semester. Check with Special Programs and Continuing Education for additional course listings. The Flyer News will also list added courses in the classified section.

Minicourse credit hours are based on contact hours. You must attend all the classes in order to receive the credit. It is possible to audit most minicourses.

To register for a minicourse, get a drop/add form from Flyer Student Services (St. Mary’s Hall Room 108). Mark “Minicourse” and complete the form. Then have the form signed by your dean or advisor. Take the form to Flyer Student Services for processing. While no payment is necessary, remember, if you want to drop a minicourse, you must file the usual drop/add form or an “F”  will appear on your grade report.

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