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Virtual Training Programs

Virtual Training Programs

The University of Dayton Center for Leadership continues to be available to serve you through any circumstance. We offer LIVE 60-minute virtual training sessions to equip teams with the necessary tools to stay motivated and productive during the rapidly changing business landscape. 

Many of us have had to adjust to working remotely as well as take on several new roles in recent weeks (teacher, babysitter, dog trainer, barber). Remaining connected is critical in moving forward and providing your teams the tools to adapt to these changes is essential. 

Recently, the Center for Leadership has trained more than 1,800 leaders over the course of seven, 60-minute programs on topics centered on the rapid changes employees are experiencing. Programs have focused on topics such as Leading through Disruption, Using Stress as Your Superpower, and Resilience. A full list of topics and descriptions can be found below. These virtual sessions are delivered via Zoom and can accommodate up to 300 people during each 60-minute session. Help your teams stay focused, productive, and connected by giving them the training and development needed to navigate the new normal.

  • Programs are provided LIVE via the online platform, Zoom.
  • Flexibility in dates means training is timely and accessible.
  • Training provided exclusively for members of your organization or team.
  • A collaborative approach involving organization stakeholders, UDCL staff, and facilitators ensures content will meet your specific goals.
  • Customized content and actionable learning makes training immediately applicable to your work situation.

How Has Your Universe Changed?
In this session, participants will learn tools and tips that can be implemented immediately to increase the likelihood of remaining productive during the new remote working arrangements. Topics discussed include maintaining professionalism in a new workspace, adapting to a new work schedule and handling virtual meetings. Participants also will reflect on how to maximize team engagement (even in a remote environment) and productivity through the concept of deep work.

Keeping Positive During Times of Uncontrollable Change
In this interactive and uplifting session, participants will uncover the power of infusing positivity into their lives, especially during times of stress and change. Keeping positive begins with the understanding that it's not just about what you do, but what you can inspire, encourage and empower others to do. In this program, participants will learn proven strategies for Reframing their outlook to produce a more positive mindset. They’ll leave with an increased understanding of how their energy influences others and how to positively manage it. Following the session, participants will receive the 11-Day Stay Positive Action Plan by Jon Gordon and Daniel Decker to support their continued positivity journey.

Leading Through Disruption
It is during times of change and turmoil that we need leaders the most and, while some disruptions are more major than others, disturbances are a fact of life. Leaders must be prepared to step-up during these uncertain times and address the uncertainty with courage. In this session, leaders will gain a better understanding of how to lead through disruption by focusing on relevancy, implications and the path forward. They will explore the factors of psychological hardiness and will leave the session with key takeaways that can be implemented to ensure leadership success even in the most challenging times.

Resilience: Make Stress Your Superpower!
In many ways, work and life today are busier than ever. There is pressure to do more and be engaged and plugged in 24/7. Although technology has brought great advances to our life it also has a cost. We’re more distracted, less productive and there is an epidemic of burnout. This session will focus on the science of stress, how the body responds to it, and how we can utilize stress as a true superpower to get more done and show up as the best version of ourselves. This is a highly interactive and self-reflective program that examines stress with a new lens. The latest research on stress and human physiology tells us stress isn’t as detrimental as we previously thought. We can use our stress to create high performance, better connection with those that matter, and even extend our life. Participants will examine their stressors and engage in conversations that reveal the truth about their stress and leave with a plan to use their new superpower.

Stepping into Greatness: Staying Calm, Kind and Productive in Times of Uncertainty
In times of crisis, we often default to fear and anxiety. While this is a natural human response to uncertainty, it has negative consequences for our wellbeing, our families, our communities and our workplaces. Right now, more than ever, each one of us needs to show up like a leader, to step into our greatness and to stay calm, kind and productive even in the face of adversity.

UDCL virtual training programs are tailored to your organization's needs. Please call April Mescher at 937-229-2664 or email her at for a quote. 

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