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COVID-19 Update

We are excited to welcome you back to the Center for Leadership! We have moved to a blended learning environment, programs will be offered in-person, live-stream, and virtual. We opened UDCL on August 18 for in-person classes. In making these decisions, our primary considerations have been safeguarding the health of participants, facilitators, and UDCL staff, while maintaining the highest quality of programming and engagement. When you are ready to return to The Center, we look forward to seeing you!

The University of Dayton is working with Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health in taking recommended steps to mitigate the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. The degree of success will depend on a mutual commitment from all those in the UDCL community. Because of the nature of the coronavirus, anyone working or participating in activities on campus must understand they are assuming the risk of potential community spread. Below, we explain modes of instruction offered and the health and safety protocols UDCL will be following for in-person programming.

The instructional modes in which UDCL programs will be facilitated are blended and virtual. 

Blended: Combined in-person/on-campus and streamed live via Zoom with the facilitator being in person. We made changes in the physical configurations of our classrooms to meet social distancing guidelines required by public health guidelines.

Virtually: Available via Zoom.


In-person/on-campus protocol includes but is not limited to:

Requirements for Participation

  • Pre-screen assessment, procedures, and protocols will be sent through CVENT to participants, along with their program confirmation and any pre course work.
  • In-person participants complete and turn in a pre-screen form when attending programs to confirm attendance and self-assessed COVID-19 clearance. If a program participant, facilitator, or UDCL staff member has any of the following symptoms, they are not permitted to attend programs on campus:
    • Fever of 100.4⁰F or higher
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Chills
    • Muscle pain
    • Sore throat
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
    • Face coverings are required and should be brought to training by all participants, facilitators, and staff during on-campus activities.

Registration and Check-in Procedures

  • Modified program registration, check-in, and materials distribution to minimize participant clustering in common areas.
  • Designated point of entry and staggered attendee report/dismissal times as well as scheduled, staggered break times to minimize participant clustering in common areas.

Center/Facility Set-up

  • No more than two classrooms will be used at once. The revised capacity for classrooms will be strictly followed. The atrium space will be used for breaks and meals while maintaining social distancing.
  • Assigned seats/work areas for program participants. Small group activity will occur while maintaining social distancing.

Dining Services

  • UDCL will follow the guidelines and protocols set by dining services and catering to ensure breakfast, lunch, and snacks are served accordingly and with social distancing. This will include dining services serving food and beverages and/or pre-packaged snacks and beverages.

Disinfectant Protocols

  • Diligent disinfection and cleaning of tables, chairs, and common areas will occur throughout the day and after each program based on CDC guidelines.
  • Participants, facilitators, and staff are encouraged to frequently wash or sanitize hands during their time in the Center.
  • UDCL will provide disinfecting stations in common

Social Distancing Requirements

  • Social distancing: a minimum of 6 feet between program participants in the classroom with the use of floor markers, the spacing of desks, and signage. Signage is posted regarding social distancing throughout the Center, including restrooms and elevators protocols.

The final decision to participate in on-campus, in-person training will be at the sole discretion of the participant and organization. The privacy and confidentiality of participants will be honored.  Safety measures align with mandates and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Ohio Department of Health, Public Health Dayton Montgomery County, and other federal, state, and local agencies.



Download the pre-screen assessment.


Download the in-person/on-campus protocols.


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