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Explore Your Vocation

Career Services actively supports the vocational and career development of our students and alumni (and proudly serves Flyers from their date of admission until the date of their retirement). The University of Dayton defines vocation as “Answering a call to discover one’s unique gifts and employ them in service for the common good in ways that are personally satisfying and bring meaning to one’s life.”

There are many aspects to an individual’s vocation, and vocation develops throughout life.  Career and employment opportunities are an important expression of one’s vocation, although work does not define vocation in a singular manner. Vocation is also expressed through personal relationships, family connections, volunteer opportunities, and leadership roles.

The Student Perspective on Vocation

Flyers sharing their perspective on vocation during their time at UD

The Student Perspective on Vocation

Flyers sharing their perspective on vocation during their time at UD

Who You Are & What You Want to Be

Career Services supports students through the process of selecting an academic program and connecting majors and minors to the world of work, including employment opportunities. Specifically, Career Services supports students and alumni discerning their purpose, meaning in life, and calling through five key elements of vocation:

  1. CALL - be it an external or internal calling
  2. GIFTS - an examination of individual strengths and talents
  3. SERVICE FOR THE COMMON GOOD - how career decisions affect the common good
  4. PERSONAL SATISFACTION - what brings an individual fulfillment? 
  5. MEANING IN LIFE - what provides purpose in life?

Career Services supports students exploring their vocation, including how their skills help the needs of the world, through:

  • Individual career advising appointments
  • Career assessments including FOCUS 2
  • Programs and workshops
  • Networking opportunities with University of Dayton alumni through Flyer Connection
  • Engagement events with local, regional, and national employers and graduate schools

Career Services

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