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Student Employment Supervisor of the Year

Student Employment Supervisor of the Year

Student employment supervisors have a key role in the success of our students. Supervisors provide more than basic job skills and career related experiences for student employees, often serving as mentors throughout the students' time at UD. They foster professionalism and become models for their student employees. In short, supervisors play a vital role in the student's overall UD experience. To recognize this, the Office of Student Employment selects a Student Employment Supervisor of the Year. 

The guidelines for this award have been established by the Midwest Associations for Student Employment Administrators (MASEA). Nominations will be judged on the following characteristics: mentoring, professionalism and leadership provided to student employees. Career Services and other members of the UD community recognize the campus Student Employment Supervisor of the Year at a celebration during National Student Employment Week in April. 

2020 supervisor of the year Recipient: chelsea fricker

2020 Nominees for Student Employment Supervisor of the Year

Kat Cordier is everything that the University of Dayton is about. If I had to decide on a face of the University and its Marianist charism, I would choose Kat. Kat Cordier is an outstanding supervisor who makes everyone feel welcome. Kat is a great example of a servant leader, caring and teaching her employees. -Adam Kaye

Many people who know Chelsea are inspired by her ability to always add value to the spaces she is in. She is always wanting more from her employees and expects high standards in all aspects of our lives; not just our work. She knows what each individual employee is capable of, and wants us to push our own personal boundaries. -Maria Antoon, Emily Hytla, Travis Grile, Erin Steiner, Samantha Keane

Emily stands out from colleagues with her strong and diligent work ethic and dedication to the international students that she advises, her colleagues, and World Associates like myself. -Maria Jay

There are people from small change can make a big positive feedback for your job. Emily one of them. I am very proud of myself that I work with Emily’s team. -Nagi Buaossa

Diane has also been instrumental in setting up programs for library student employees to attend, that help teach skills that will be very valuable out in the real world. Working under such an amazing woman has changed the way I look at going to work. At my old job, I would dread having to go in for my shifts, but now I wake up each morning so excited to come to work and see what Diane needs my help with. -Sophie Tokar

His leadership is inspiring, and he motivates me to be a better leader and person through it. I would have never thought of myself as capable to do the work that I do, and Scott is undoubtedly the biggest reason of why I am where I am today. He leads by example, and just from watching him in action I have become a better person and servant because of it. -Mary Catherine Donovan

She (Becky) makes Marycrest an outstanding place to work, as I know I will be recognized as well as supported no matter what comes our way. Her appreciation and conscientiousness in the work she does is truly a blessing and a great learning experience from a true role model. –Sierra Johnson

Theresa overall is an amazing supervisor. I watch her in her office as she gets 100 phone calls and people constantly coming in asking for help- and she never says no. She could have something due in an hour but will still find time to help 3 people with students, answer a phone call, and still get her work done. She has even found time to teach me about loans, debt, college overall, life skills and financial advice I was never taught. I genuinely don’t know how she does it, and she always is a positive spirit in our office. -Katrina Coleman

Selection Process and Deadline

Nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. Thursday, February 20, 2020. A selection committee will review nominations and select a campus winner. Only one nomination per nominated supervisor. 

The campus winner will be considered for the state and regional award. 


Student employees or colleagues may nominate supervisors. 

In order to be eligible for consideration, the nominee must be a full or part-time staff/faculty employee of the University of Dayton who supervises student employees as part of their job description. Student employees working as supervisors are not eligible for consideration through this program. 

Selection Criteria

Nominations will be judged on the following characteristics: mentoring, professionalism and leadership provided to the student employee.

Tips for Completing the Nomination

The selection committee can only make a decision based on the information provided in the nomination. Please try to provide examples and evidence of why the supervisor is outstanding. 

Per MASEA guidelines, please include information and examples about the following areas:

  • The nominee's greatest attributes, as they relate to their supervision
  • How the nominee has gone above and beyond the standard work expectations as a supervisor
  • The quality of the nominee's work and work style
  • The nominee's leadership skills, initiative and motivation 
  • The impact the nominee has had on their student employees
  • The qualities of the nominee that set him/her apart from other student employment supervisors

Submission Procedure

A nomination letter, limited to 2 pages in length, should be emailed to:

Also include with the nomination letter the following information:

  • Nominee's name and department
  • Nominator's name, department and campus email address

ONLY ONE NOMINATION LETTER PER NOMINEE. Any additional materials such as a second letter of recommendation or performance evaluation will not be considered. The information you provide may be shared with the public through press releases and other promotional opportunities. 

Nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. Thursday, February 20, 2020. Late entries will not be considered. 


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