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Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year

Student employees perform invaluable services with enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative. Indeed, the University depends on the contributions of this reliable workforce for the efficient operation of the campus. To recognize these contributions, the Office of Student Employment selects a Student Employee of the Year. Each year, all supervisors are given the opportunity to nominate one of their student workers to receive this award.

The guidelines for Student Employee of the Year selection have been established by the National and Midwest Associations of Student Employment Administrators (NSEA/MASEA). Career Services and other members of the University of Dayton community recognize the campus Student Employee of the Year at a celebration during National Student Employment Week in April.

                    2021 Student Employee of the Year - Maggie Hutter

2021 Nominees for Student Employee of the Year

Leah Allen is one of the most open and welcoming student workers we've had in our Department in the last 10 years.

Her soft but kind 'but wait, we can figure this out' approach definitely lowers the temperature and allows others to step back from the emotional response and focus on the practical aspects of an issue. Leah is a natural collaborator and conflict negotiator.

Emily provides the University Archives with unique abilities resulting from her graphic design knowledge and skills in addition to her own good judgement…This resulted in a better defined and discoverable collection of archival material, making these photographs more usable by the university community.

The public art inventory project was a new undertaking, given to University Archives from the Public Art Review Committee. Emily’s work in designing and carrying out the project shows her understanding of how to use her strengths and skills along with those of the archivists to develop and lead a project from its very beginning stages through to its completion.

She is diligent, making sure that our social media is inclusive, sensitive to other religions and other cultures’ religious holidays and holy days.

She understands that hard work, respecting your co-workers, honing your skills, doing your best so that others can do their best are some of the strongest ways to contribute to the common good.

When Maggie is in the room, you are not conscious of the fact that she is a student worker – she is another member of the team, contributing honestly, fully, and collaboratively.

Kayla has supported another fellow program assistant and brought up ways for the office to improve its diversity, equity and inclusion and thought of ways to increase recruitment and support inclusive events and collaborations.

She supersedes her job description. Kayla brings a positive attitude and creativity. Kayla lives out the Marianist values and acts with utmost integrity.

(She is) responsible for training approximately 25-30 incoming SBA students in addition to being a direct contact for them for anything they need.

(She) prepares all PowerPoint presentations for peer advisor workshops enabling them to review and prepare their advisees for BIZ 101 assignments.

All Peer Advisors, Danielle’s advisees, the BIZ lecturer, and the Undergraduate Advising Center staff rely on her and are never disappointed in her actions.

He has assisted in the management of multiple departmental email addresses by replying to hundreds of emails and effectively presented to thousands of incoming students this past summer as a part of the VNSO program.

He helped to put together pages within the orientation modules to offer resources and support to incoming students that are first generation college students, military and veteran affiliated, or international.

Troy is an excellent communicator as evidenced by his ability to clearly articulate to the Cost Analysis Team the complex algorithms he has created.

Troy has been working in concert with experienced cost analysts and has fully integrated into our cohesive team. He understands his abilities and expertise in 3D modeling and has integrated them seamlessly into the overall AM Part Assessment and Cost Tool methodology.

Grace has been very effective building relationships and communicating with our AmeriCorps members. She is able to advocate for change on their behalf and keep the program staff updated with needed changes.

Grace has been instrumental to our office in problem solving. Grace brought up ways the office can improve its diversity, equity and inclusion and thought of ways to increase recruitment and support inclusive events and collaborations.

Griffin is always advocating for the Flyer News. He is almost single-handedly responsible for the newspaper receiving a number of national awards over the past few years.

He has to deal with tight deadline pressures... and yet always keeps a level head. He organizes his employees and makes them feel like they're part of something bigger.

With Griffin at the helm, the Flyer News has really been excellent.

Carmen has been invaluable in the development and publication of a new quarterly newsletter for our UDSA students. She is a great collaborator on using technology and social media platforms to reach our students more effectively.

Carmen has been invaluable to me in advising UD Sinclair Academy students. She is not an assistant but an active peer collaborator. She has worked with me on improving processes, communication, and has been vested in the success of the program.

Ethan Reigelsperger, a Junior business student and two-year campus recreation student employee, was intrinsically motivated by the initiative and stepped up to lead our staff team through the challenge of reopening a dormant facility and providing recreational programming during a very challenging and uncertain time on campus… He took initiative to brainstorm, discuss, and communicate solutions to issues and ideas for improvement of the space among other student employees and myself, and worked long hours every weekend.

Ethan was always at the forefront of these conversations; a model of optimism and positivity for what the park could be, and inspiring the same in others.

Matty studies graphic design at UD, and she has found countless ways to integrate her gifts and talents through her role as the chapel student worker.

She has shared her gifts with the campus faith community while recognizing and affirming the gifts and talents of those she serves with.

Matty is a breath of fresh air; she truly is a shining light. She never fails to help to boost morale and affirm each member of our liturgy work team, along with the larger campus ministry team.

Claudia is great at troubleshooting computers that are checked in to our Service Desk. Along with this, she found and implemented a scheduling platform for our employees. This made scheduling much easier for our supervisor and sent messages to each employee for each week's schedule.

Claudia's role in being a leader at UDIT has been very fitting. She demonstrated leadership throughout her school and work life, as she is very organized and is able to prioritize tasks. This makes her an excellent leader within UDIT.

Selection Process and Deadline

Supervisors must submit the Nomination Form by 5:00 on Thursday, February 11, 2021. A selection committee will review nominations and select a campus winner. Only one nomination per student. (Please use your office’s official title including department and area.) The information you provide may be shared with the public through press releases and other promotional opportunities.


Students must have been employed through Student Employment for a minimum of six months between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021 (anticipated). Nominated graduate students must be hourly student employees; they do not qualify if they are graduate assistants. 

Selection Criteria

Students will be evaluated on the eight National Association of Colleges and Employers Core Competencies:

  1. Communication
  2. Digital Technology
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Professionalism/Work Ethic
  5. Intercultural Fluency
  6. Career Management
  7. Leadership
  8. Teamwork/Collaboration

Tips for Completing the Nomination

The selection committee can only make decisions based on the information provided. Please try to provide examples and evidence that specifically demonstrate the qualities on which students are evaluated. Point out specific or key accomplishments and state why the student is outstanding. Describe when the nominee went above and beyond or made a significant contribution to the department or university.

Supervisors: Submitting a Nomination

Complete the nomination utilizing the format contained in the Google Form. After submission, you will receive a copy of your response via email.

Helpful hint: You may want to prepare responses in a Word document then paste into the Google Form.

Nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. Thursday, February 11, 2021. Late entries will not be accepted.

A selection committee will review nominations and select a campus winner. The campus winner will be considered for further recognition at the state, regional and national level.

Jared Beach, UDRI Research Information Technology Office

Grace Burke, Art and Design

Julia Hoban, Campus Recreation, Operations
*Student Employee of the Year Recipient & State of Ohio Student Employee of the Year

Bailey Johnson, Human Rights Center

Nicholas Mueller, AVP of Student Development, STFP

Marie Reddy, Campus Ministry

Emily Reinhart, Public Safety

Rachel Marie Richardson, Office of Learning Resources

Emily Ruebelman, Campus Recreation, Fitness

Grace Scott, Campus Recreation, Outdoor Recreation

Regina Valentino, Dining Services


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