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On-Campus Recruiting and Interviews

On-Campus Recruiting and Interviews

Companies interview students of all majors on-campus throughout the year. All on-campus interviews for full-time and internship positions are held in the Employer Engagement Center, located at 218 L Street.

  • The University of Dayton Career Services strives to provide equal and easy access to programs and services for individuals with disabilities. The Employer Engagement Center House has two floors, but does not have an elevator. Technology enabled rooms (e.g. computer, webcam) are also available upon request. Individuals requesting accommodations are encouraged to contact Career Services (937-229-2073;

Open Interview Schedules

Open interviews allow all students that meet the requirements, an opportunity to sign-up for an interview timeslot on a first-come/first-serve basis until the schedule is full.

Pre-select Interview Schedules

Pre-select interviews allow all students that meet the requirements, an opportunity to request an interview. The company reviews the resumes of all interested applicants and invites specific students to interview. Once invited, students can sign-up for a timeslot.

Room Only Interview Schedules

Room only interviews allow an employer to reserve space for on-campus interviews and develop their own interview schedule prior to their campus visit. Schedules may be built from resumes gathered through job postings, career fairs, tabling events or information sessions. 


Career Services

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