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Applying to Graduate / Professional School

Applying to Graduate / Professional School

The application process is time-consuming, requiring extensive preparation and research. The following is a suggested timeline for students who plan on attending graduate school in the Fall, after completing their undergraduate studies in May. 

Junior Year

  • Research and visit schools of interest
  • Schedule campus tours and times to meet with faculty to learn more about the program
  • Talk with faculty and advisors within your department
  • Check Peterson's Graduate Planner and to help develop your initial list
  • Establish a list of schools you plan to apply to, check their application criteria and deadlines
  • Find application forms on university websites, or contact the graduate school for them
  • If needed, contact the program directly, and request information on programs and degree requirements
  • Prepare for admissions tests
  • Write your personal statements and/or essays

Senior Year


  • Take admission tests
  • Obtain letters of recommendation
  • Send in completed applications
  • Have registrar's office send transcripts


  • Submit all materials by the deadline
  • Contact the department on check online to make sure your application file is complete


  • Continue to check your application status
  • Send required information and/or fees to the institution where you have been accepted
  • Send thank you notes to recommendation writers, and inform them of your success

Part of this information is from the handbook, "How to Get into Graduate and Professional School," by Eric Anderson, Director of Career Development at Capital University, and is used with permission.


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