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Career Mini-Courses

Career Development Courses

Career Services offers two career-related mini courses, each awarding 1 credit hour. For more information, visit the UD Bulletin.

Choosing a Major (UDI 166)

This course is primarily for first-year students and sophomores and is offered fall and spring semesters.

Course Description:

This mini-course is designed for first-year and sophomore students who have yet to decide on an academic major or career path. Investigate personality type, interests, values and skills and help students develop a more specific focus on their future career choices. This process will include a personal definition of success, exploring the world of work, the importance of experiential education and understanding decision-making and goal-setting.

Career Readiness (UDI 359)

This course is primarily for juniors and seniors and is offered spring semester only.

Course Description:

Conducting your job search can be a daunting task, but breaking it down into manageable steps will help you be successful. This course will help you acquire professionalism with ease and become more self-assured in business interactions. Learn how to be successful on the job by becoming a highly desirable employee and understanding career leadership skills most desired by employers, such as: professionalism, problem solving, respecting workforce boundaries and diversity.


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