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Career Assessment

Career Assessment

If you are having difficulty choosing a major or career path, you may benefit from the career assessments offered by Career Services or the Counseling Center. Both offices offer personality and interest assessments that may be helpful for you in making your decision. You should start with the online FOCUS 2 program. After logging in, go to the SELF ASSESSMENT section and complete all assessments. You will receive results from each assessment, including suggestions for possible majors and careers. For more guidance, you may contact the Counseling Center or Career Services.

Which office would better meet your needs?

For career-specific advice about major and career choices, Career Services can help you.

For in-depth advice geared to the whole person and covering a wider range of issues that may affect career choice, the Counseling Center would be a better choice.


Career Services

Alumni House
208 L Street
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2711