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During you job search, the resume acts as a first impression. A well-prepared resume highlights your relevant qualifications, which is crucial to landing an interview. Employers read the document very quickly, so it is important to be concise and tailor your resume to the job description and company.

Many companies use applicant-tracking systems (ATS) to review resumes, so your resume is often reviewed by a computer prior to being reviewed by a person. Applicant tracking systems rely on keyword matches, so incorporate language from the job posting into the bullet points on your resume.

Please be aware there are different cultural expectations with resumes and curriculum vitae, so for a better understanding, use GoinGlobal country guides.

US Resume
  • Highlights achievements, academic background, and work experience related to a specific position
  • One page in length per degree (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD)
  • Does not include TOEFL score, photo, marital status, age, race, gender, or religion (employers are not allowed to base hiring decisions on these qualities)
International Resume
  • Commonly referred to as a CV
  • Provides extensive chronological details regarding academic and work experience
  • Multiple pages in length
  • May include photo, marital status, age, race, etc.
  • There are cultural differences with resumes and curriculum vitae, visit GoinGlobal to review country guides
US Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Detailed overview of your academic background and accomplishments
  • Positions in academia and research typically require a CV
  • Includes research, professional membership, publications, and teaching experience

For more information, attend a resume writing workshop, drop-in sessions at Career Services or employer resume review sessions before the fall and spring career fairs.


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