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How to Find Employers

How to Find Employers

"What employers hire international students?" This is a common question for Career Services. It is important for an international student to understand strategies to improve their chances of being hired. To develop your own personalized strategy, make an appointment with a career advisor and review the following resources. 

The Job Search


The Handshake database includes jobs with companies that have a relationship with the University of Dayton. The list of jobs in Handshake is not exhaustive, but is a great starting point for your job search because these employers recognize the value of a University of Dayton education. You can also search for employers that are not connected to the University of Dayton through the "Employers" tab on the "Jobs" page. Please note, since these organizations have not connected to the University of Dayton, our staff has not reviewed their information for legitimacy or credibility.


Use keyword searches through the Alumni locator on the University of Dayton page; select the "See Alumni" button to view a searchable list of students and alumni. Send a connection request to relevant alumni and request an informational interview


GoinGlobal is an online resource tool with a web crawler, which will look for active jobs and internships anywhere in the world. Search for US employers, based on a keyword or occupation, who have previously sponsored H-1B employment visas in the "H-1B Info" section. Please note, this does not mean these employers will sponsor again or that they are even hiring. As a historical record, this list allows you to look at potential companies who may be more experienced in hiring international talent. In addition, GoinGlobal has these additional helpful tools:

  • Country guides for those searching for employment in other countries
  • USA/Canada city guides for those searching for employment in major US cities


CinciGlobal provides international students and local employers with:

  • Training and resources on relevant immigration regulations
  • Information on finding a job in Greater Cincinnati Area
  • Assistance with cross-cultural issues that may arise during the hiring process

Ohio G.R.E.A.T. (Global Reach to Engage Academic Talent)

Ohio is the only state that has formalized the concept of globalization into law. The state government has challenged business owners to hire international students to maximize talent, diversity and innovation to compete in a global economy. Check the Ohio G.R.E.A.T. website, along with Ohio Means Jobs for more information about opportunities. 

Chamber of Commerce

Chambers facilitate the economic development of a city. Additionally, ethnic Chambers of Commerce facilitate economic growth with specific countries or regions (i.e. Indian, Asian, European, Hispanic, etc). Identify companies associated with these chambers to find potential employers. Chambers of Commerce closest to UD are linked below.

Indian American Chamber of Commerce

US-China Chamber of Commerce

Asian American Chamber of Commerce

European American Chamber of Commerce

Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce


MyVisaJobs offers visa job information and an online community. The database lists top H-1B sponsors searchable by state, occupation and industry. Users can also search current job openings from top visa sponsors.

E-Verify Employer Search Tool

The E-Verify employer tool is most helpful for F1 students in programs related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) who plan to apply for a 24-month Optional Practical Training STEM Extension. Students in this category may only work for employers enrolled in E-Verify. This tool allows you to find employers currently enrolled in E-Verify.


Hiring Fraud

The University of Dayton uses a career/job placement system called Handshake. While every effort is made to ensure the validity of the employers in the system, there's a chance a fraudulent employer could get through. 

As with any scam, there are warning signs to look for as you search for a job. Review the signs shared by UDit:

  • If something feels "too good to be true," be suspicious. "Make $300 in a day from home." These are typical tactics a scammer will use to lure you in. The best protection is to be suspicious if anything is "too good to be true." If an employer is making promises that no one has ever made before - it's possible that they just want to lure you in to steal your resume information or scam you. 
  • Never cash a check for, or give any money to, an employer, someone you meet online, or someone selling. A common technique of Internet job scammers is to ask you to cash a check at a bank, and then return some of that money to the employer while you get to keep some of the cash for yourself. This is a scam. No reputable employer will require you to pay for anything on your own, or cash a check on their behalf, before starting your job. If you receive any email asking you to do anything remotely like this, flag the employer immediately within Handshake and contact UDit or Career Services. 
  • Question if an employer says they're hiring you based on resume alone. Any reputable employer normally requires an interview (and more) before hiring. If you have any questions or concerns, flag the employer and Handshake will investigate. 
  • On-the-spot hiring: If an employer doesn't require a resume or offers on-the-spot employment, consider this suspicious.

Read more tips to spot hiring fraud.


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