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Internship Reference Guide

The Internship Reference Guide (.pdf) is a Career Services initiative, undertaken in collaboration with the academic departments and external partners. The Guide serves as a “clearinghouse” of information concerning all internship programs throughout the University. It contains contact information, program requirements and more for each department offering internship credit.

Academic Catalog

The Academic Catalog is prepared by the Office of the Registrar. It consists of undergraduate and graduate issues and is released annually. The Catalog is divided into two main sections, General Information and Academic Information. The General Information section provides a wide array of material dealing with many facets of a student’s academic career. The Academic Information section gives specifics on various academic areas, and the programs and courses they offer.

Institutional Statistics

Institutional Statistics, Research and Reporting at the University of Dayton are carried out by the Director of Institutional Reporting and the Institutional Researcher for Academics. The Office of Institutional Reporting annually publishes a University Fact Books. The Fact Books contain detail and summary reports related to such things as Enrollment, Retention, Degrees Awarded, Human Resources, and Financial Information. It can be viewed by clicking on this link and then "University Fact Books" on the side navigation. 

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