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Thursday, November 04
Inclusive Excellence Academy - Listening for Inclusion
09:00 AM - 02:30 PM
Location: KU 222 (9am) / Virtual (1pm)

Listening for Inclusion: Dialogue Facilitation Skills in Your Everyday Conversations

Key definitions: Inclusive climate, intergroup/intercultural competency.

In exchanges with students, employees, supervisors, alumni and guests, we face situations that require dialogue skills. Some of those conversations involve hearing perspectives different from ours. On some occasions, we need to dive into conversations about difficult, sensitive topics. Fortunately, there is a philosophy of dialogue and research on best practices to make the best out of a conversation in these situations. Join us for an introductory session on how to use dialogue principles to foster understanding and discover facilitation skills that you can apply to your everyday conversations. 

Register through the HR CE Portal.


Contact Information:
Name: Office of Diversity and Inclusion