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Friday, September 25
Virtual UD Mathematics Seminar
03:35 PM - 04:35 PM
Location: Online

Existence of local solutions for fractional difference equations with left focal boundary conditions

Johnny Henderson, Baylor University

Abstract: For $1 < \nu \leq 2$ a real number and $T\geq 3$ a natural number, conditions are given for the existence of solutions of the $\nu$th order At{\i}c{\i}-Eloe fractional difference equation, $\Delta^\nu y(t) + f(t+ \nu -1, y(t+ \nu-1)) =0,$ $t \in \{0,1,\ldots, T\},$ and satisfying the left focal boundary conditions $\Delta y(\nu-2) = y(\nu +T) = 0$. The conditions involve growth conditions on $f$ and constraints on the size of $T$.

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