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Monday, April 15
STARS Luncheon Featuring STEM Catalyst Awardees
11:30 AM - 01:00 PM
Location: KU West Ballroom

Please join us for the next STARS luncheon featuring STEM Catalyst awardees. 


-Welcome by John Leland, VP for Research

-Yvonne Sun, Erick Vasquez, Chenglong Zhao : Collaboration toward food safety: Ultrasensitive detection and identification of pathogens

-Chris Muratore, Kristen Comfort: Ultra-sensitive biotronic molecular sensors for applications in health care and security

-Chelse Prather : Toxic trees, crazy ants, adventive moths, and biocontrol beetles…oh, my! Verifying and predicting an invasional meltdown


Contact Information:
Name: Amy Adkins
Phone: 937-229-5527