Tuesday, February 06
Panel: "Hospitality and Inhospitality in Religious Context"
02:00 PM - 03:15 PM
Location: Sears Recital Hall

Panelists include Sandra Yocum, Jusuf Salih, Jens Mueller, and Miriamne Krummel. In this panel Sandra Yocum will discuss hospitality in connection with Catholic social teaching, Jusuf Salih will discuss contemporary political issues related to welcoming and hospitality in Islam, Jens Mueller will discuss the theological aspect of Christian hospitality in light of our current immigration policy, and Miriamne Krummel will discuss the treatment of Jews in medieval England (their ghettoizing, taxing, and expulsion and general lack of hospitality), through various texts in literature and art.
Contact Information:
Name: Humanities Commons, Aili Bresnahan, coordinator