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30 credit hours including 15 required and 15 elective hours. A minimum of 6 elective hours must be taken outside of accounting offerings, and a minimum of 6 elective hours must be taken from accounting offerings.

Required Courses

ACC 701. Contemporary Issues in Accounting - Professional Speakers Forum. 1.5 hours. Subject matter experts introduce students to emerging or controversial accounting issues.

ACC 702. Accounting and Business Ethics. 1.5 hours. Accounting and Business Ethics will help students to develop methodologies for solving ethical dilemmas, recognize the importance of organizational cultures, and understand the accounting regulatory process.

ACC 703. Accounting for Community. 3 Hours. Traditional accounting curricula focus extensively on for-profit accounting topics. However, accountants serve a greater role in the community than these topics represent. This course will explore additional topics where accountants can contribute to the common good such as not-for-profit accounting, governmental accounting, and corporate responsibility reporting. An important focus of this course will be to consider these topics from multiple perspectives including, where applicable, financial accounting, management accounting, assurance, and tax.

ACC 707. Critical Thinking: Role and Purpose for Accounting Professionals. 3 Hours. This course aims to explore topics such as: what is critical thinking, the importance of critical thinking, and the basic protocols of thinking, reading, and writing critically.

ACC 708. Business Law for Accountants. 3 Hours. Business Law for Accountants is designed to introduce students to legal concepts applicable to business and accounting transactions.

ACC 709. Accounting Theory and Research. 3 Hours. This course will require students to complete integrated learning assignments addressing real world challenges in areas including financial reporting, audit, and tax.

Examples of Accounting Elective Courses

ACC 602A / MBA 602A. Information Assurance. 3 Hours. Study of current and emerging auditing and assurance standards and professional developments through case study, readings, and research projects.

ACC 602B / MBA 602B. Fraud Examination. 3 Hours. This course will take an in depth look at topics related to the detection, investigation, and prevention of accounting fraud within a legal and ethical environment.

ACC 604A / MBA 604A. Taxes & Business Strategy. 3 Hours. Taxes and Business Strategy has a primary emphasis on developing a framework that articulates how effective tax planning affects business decisions. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of accounting for income taxes for financial statement purposes.

ACC 606A / MBA 606A. Financial Statement/Risks Analysis. 3 Hours. Study of the tools and techniques of financial statement analysis with an emphasis on earnings management.

ACC 607A / MBA 607A. Strategic Cost Management: A Systems Approach. 3 Hours. This class looks at the design and use of performance measurement and control systems from an integrated systems view of an organization. An important aspect of the course is to 'think out of the box' in terms of how to design more flexible and adaptive cost management and performance measurement systems to help organizations become more flexible and responsive in meeting customer needs. 

ACC 609A / MBA 609A. Special Topics in Accounting. 3 Hours. Advanced and current topics in accounting. 

ACC 609B / MBA 609B. Individual Research in Accounting. 1-6 Hours. Individual research in accounting subjects under the guidance and direction of an accounting faculty member. A formal proposal must be completed and approved by the faculty member, Department Chair, and MPAcc or MBA Director prior to registration.

ACC 697. Professional Work Experience. 1-3 Hours. Through participation in a relevant supervised work experience with a participating employer, students will engage, integrate, practice and demonstrate the knowledge and skills associated with Scholarship and Vocation developed through the Common Academic Program and through core accounting courses. Experiential learning will provide students with the opportunity to engage in the activity and practice of accounting and further their understanding of accounting and/or accounting related professions.


Department of Accounting

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