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School of Business Administration

Cyber-Security Management

The MBA Program offers students the unique opportunity to take a three course sequence in cyber-security resulting in a certificate or MBA concentration. This credential qualifies students to support the government and industry through addressing domain specific requirements and preparing candidates for three highly sought after DoD 8570 Certifications: (ISC)2 Certification & Accreditation Professional (CAP), CompTIA’s Network+, and Security+. 


MBA 662A.  Security Management for Information Systems. 3 Hours. This course addresses issues relevant to creating and managing a system security process in organizations. Information security policy, assets, physical and logical information resource security, business continuity, and compliance with relevant security standards are covered. Prerequisite: MBA 660 or equivalent.

MBA 662B.  Managing Telecommunications and Network Systems.  3 Hours.  Introduction to management of computer-based communication networks. Includes underlying concepts, basic hardware components and operating systems, network architectures and protocols, data integrity and security, message routing, and network resource management. Prerequisite: MBA 662A

MBA 662C.  Managing Internet Security. 3 Hours.  This course provides managers with an understanding of both defensive and offensive issues surrounding the security of computer-based information networks. The course includes instruction on theory about information security, psychological operations, hacking, viruses, and network systems management.  Prerequisite: MBA 662B


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