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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

The certificate in Business Analytics is for students interested in moving into this high-demand career area.  Business Analytics represents a growing need both in the Dayton area and nationally with employment opportunities readily available.  Business, government, and society in the U.S. and throughout the world depend to an ever increasing extent on the effective use of data through sophisticated analytical techniques. This certificate program includes both technical and managerial aspects of Business Analytics, including statistics, optimization and simulation.  Students learn the key elements of the analytics process and are exposed to successful real-world applications in analytics that they emulate through case studies.

This free-standing certificate is comprised of nine graduate credit hours consisting of three required courses: MBA 611 (1.5 credit hours), MBA 791 (1.5 credit hours), and MBA 615 (3 credit hours).  In addition, the student will select one of two electives: MBA 617 (3 credit hours) or MBA 667A (3 credit hours). Note that the nine credit hours do not include any prerequisites that must be satisfied for specific elective courses.  Transfer hours may be used toward such prerequisites but not toward any of the nine credit hours required for the Certificate Program.


MBA 611. Statistical Technique for Decision Analysis. 1.5 Hour. This course is an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics for MBA students. The overall purpose is for students to develop skills in (1) describing/summarizing sample data sets, (2) using probability distributions, (3) drawing conclusions about the properties of large groups when only sample information is available, and (4) investigating relationships among several properties based on a sample of those properties.

MBA 791. Modeling & Analysis for Business Analytics1.5 Hour. This course examines the role of analytic thinking and analytic models/techniques in providing support and insight for business decisions. An overall framework for quantitative analysis within business decision-making is presented. Both optimization and descriptive modeling are studied. Analysis techniques such as linear programming, integer and nonlinear optimization, and simulation modeling are covered. The course will emphasize the application of analytic techniques to business decisions with cases and executive partners from the business community. Prerequisite(s): MBA 611.

MBA 615. Advanced Topics and Applications in Business Analytics. 3 Hours.  Overview of value of analytics and the analytics process. Review of primary tools from three broad areas of analytics: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive. Advanced topics in statistical analysis, optimization and simulation, and their integration through case studies of industry applications of analytics. Prerequisite(s): MBA 611 (or equivalent), MBA 791.

MBA 617. Business Process Improvements. 3 Hours. Study of the concepts and techniques of business process analysis and improvements as building blocks for all operations improvement strategies, using a range of tools from simple process-mapping to computer-based process-modeling. Balancing technical/analytical and organizational/behavioral aspects of business process improvements are highlighted. The class will include a business process analysis/improvement project using a process modeling software. Prerequisite(s): MBA 611, MBA 612.

MBA 667A. Business Intelligence. 3 Hours. This course is about developing a program for Business Intelligence in an organization. Will cover the framework, concepts, methods, people skills, and technologies necessary for making effective decisions fast. Also addresses issues from the capture of facts to the delivery of information and decision support systems, including data quality, data warehousing, business intelligence success factors and impact on organizations, business performance management (dashboards and scorecards), multi-dimensional data analysis and online analytic processing, data visualization, and applications of Business Intelligence. Prerequisite(s): MBA 611, MBA 660, and some SQL query language.


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