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George Hanley Trading Center

Hanley Sustainability Fund

The Hanley Sustainability Fund (HSF) is a student-managed equity portfolio that operates out of the Hanley Trading Center. HSF’s goal is to outperform the S&P 500 while investing in companies that embrace sustainable initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste and scrap, using resources in an efficient manner, limiting reliance on fossil fuels, or introducing and developing products that enable customers to do the same.

HSF’s investment portfolio is divided into two branches: the discretionary branch and the non-discretionary branch. The discretionary branch makes investment decisions through traditional stock research, utilizing fundamental analysis and stock pitches. The nondiscretionary branch makes investment decisions based on a student-built investment algorithm that continues to be improved upon by the members of the Fund.

HSF provides a real-world learning experience to its 50 members that is inclusive to all undergraduate majors at the University of Dayton. Upon completion of an eight-week Junior Analyst development program, members contribute directly to the success of the Fund. In addition, HSF provides endless opportunities for outstanding internship and full-time placements with guidance from the Fund's prestigious alumni network. By integrating academic theory with real-world investment skills, HSF strives to create an experiential learning environment that fosters both personal and professional development, which produces well-rounded individuals for today's competitive markets.

About Us

Organizational Structure

  • The history of the Hanley Sustainability Fund is a short one at the moment, but a lot has happened during this brief period. In the fall of 2013, the Flyer Trading Group (FTG) was formed by a group of motivated students looking to learn about and work on portfolio management. The Flyer Trading Group was purely a long-term stock-oriented fund. Over the next year the fund  traded a paper account to show an ability to generate returns. Over this time, the fund also developed a structure and was able to attract new members.
  • Around the time that FTG was getting off the ground, George Hanley made a generous donation to the University of Dayton to start the Hanley Sustainability Institute, a group that focused on expanding sustainable efforts around the university and greater Dayton community. The Flyer Trading Group spoke to George Hanley in the spring of 2015 about the idea of a partnership. Mr. Hanley was interested in this idea but wanted to pivot the fund into a different direction, that of sustainable investing, by creating a sustainability investment fund that invested solely in socially conscious and responsible companies that focused on sustainable initiatives.
  • The members of the Flyer Trading Group were on board with this new idea and spent the next 9 months continuing to paper trade and adjusting their structure to better fit the concept of a sustainability investing fund. In late 2015, the group members again met with George Hanley to pitch their idea of what a student-run sustainability portfolio would look like. He believed in their mission and was generous enough to provide funding of $100,000 from the University’s Hanley Sustainability Institute for this new portfolio.
  • Hanley’s investment in the Flyer Trading Group was the starting point of the Hanley Sustainability Fund (HSF) that exists today. With the original $100,000 in hand, HSF made their first investments in late February 2016. Since then, the fund has continued to evolve internally while keeping with our original mission of sustainable investing with returns above the benchmark. 


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