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More About George Hanley

More About George Hanley

The Hanley Trading Center opened May 15, 2007. There's no room quite like it at UD — or at most other colleges, University officials say. "Derivative" is a name for all forms of trading products — including stock options, stock indexes, options on indexes and currency valuations. Each student station has at least one set of dual monitors — powered by TradeStation, Deal Station, FXCM Trading Station and Financial Trading System. And, as in some trading houses, one wall of the trading center consists wholly of glass. Students are expected to stay focused, no matter what's going on outside.

The room was made possible by a $520,000 gift from George Hanley. Hanley said his success has been based "totally" on derivatives, in particular on agricultural options. "There are so many different markets now, thus the name 'derivatives,'" Hanley said. He also plans to fund a scholarship for a student who will specialize in derivatives. "The trading business is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, shifting from a business centered on people shouting on trade floors to the use of software and high-speed lines. Students need to be strong in math and computer modeling," Hanley said. "It's about a 'molding' of programming expertise, engineering and market 'know-how.' The risks are greater, but then, the rewards can be, as well," he added.

George Hanley is CEO of Hanley Group Capital and a Founder/Principle of Infinium Capital Management. But the 1977 University of Dayton graduate wants to do more than tap into growing markets. "I want to be about investing and growing people's futures," Hanley said.


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