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Center for the Integration of Faith and Work


Inspiring student values to support professional success

How are you doing at finding your calling? Are you developing values that will guide your life?

We can help you along a path to integrate your faith and work.

Professional success AND meaning in your career... Can you have it all?

Yes, if you’re willing to do the soul-searching and invest the time to develop not only your God-given talents but also your principles and values. As you work through the classes for your major and develop the knowledge necessary to get a job after graduation, now is the time to find out what type of work touches your heart and inspires you for a lifetime.

You see the challenges in our society. From corporations that bend accounting rules or individuals that create pyramid schemes that steal the retirement plans of trusting investors, you know that not everyone has a sense of values and convictions based on solid ground. We can help you to navigate the future challenges and support your professional development as you face ethical decisions of your own.

You can choose to see the world in a different light. You can help to change the business world and society by finding your calling through the integration of faith and work.

Drop by and we can talk about it!

School of Business Administration

Miriam Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2226