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Center for the Integration of Faith and Work


Imparting values to impact students, businesses & community

Do you feel a strong sense of mission in your work? How are you doing at making a difference in the lives of your students beyond technical instruction?

We can help you along a path to integrate your faith and work.

Inspiring students and sharing your values for the good of the business community

Do you need assistance to find ways to tie life lessons with classroom skills?  You know that you are affecting more than just the future job prospect as you work with students.  You see the potential your students have and you want to make the world a better place for all people. You may have seen your influence on an individual student turn into a legacy as they leverage their position in the workplace to improve society.

As you read the news, you see the challenges our society faces, from corporations that bend accounting rules or individuals that create pyramid schemes that steal the retirement plans of trusting investors.  You know that not everyone has a sense of values and convictions based on solid teaching. You can play a part in inspiring students that there is more to more to operating a business than just making a profit.

You can choose to get in touch with your personal mission. You can help to change the business world and society by impacting students through the integration of faith and work.

  • Come in and discuss the possible ways we can help
  • Look over the resources we have available
  • In particular, consider participating in the program we in the Center have developed to assist faculty to bring healthy ethical values and/or faith-based beliefs to your lessons.

School of Business Administration

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