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Center for the Integration of Faith and Work


Finding meaning in work and connections with others to live our values

Is your work a reflection of who you are? Are you searching for more meaning in your career?

We can help you along a path to integrate your faith and work.

Practical examples of how to integrate faith and work and the connections to support your personal development

Have you enjoyed professional success and financial security, yet yearn for more meaning in your work? Would you like to find others that share your values and can offer support and guidance as you search for significant connections? There is a path.

As you read the news and talk with co-workers, you see that a singular focus on financial success and asset acquisition doesn't bring a sense of satisfaction for a career. You know that ethical decision-making isn't a given and you may have faced some challenges in your workplace that have you searching for help. To move beyond ethics and become a leader in your organization takes a solid foundation in faith-based values.

The Center is a resource to business leaders to support ethical practices in day to day management. You can see examples of companies doing 'right things right' and connect with others who share similar beliefs based in Christian teaching. You can integrate your faith and work.

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