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Sales Initiatives

Sales Initiatives

University of Dayton Marketing (MKT) Majors have an option to pursue a Sales Management Emphasis.  All Marketing majors work on an integrated marketing strategy plan, including selling, as part of a required nine-hour course sequence. This sequence contains a project with a real organizational client and involves everything from marketing research to sales call planning to marketing strategy.

Students in the Principles of Selling course must also perform sales call role play scenarios that are held outside of class with Business Partners acting as Buyers. The sale students are also required to job shadow an outside, “business-to-business” sales representative for at least half a day and submit a paper about the experience.

Sales Management students must conduct a comprehensive interview, “face-to-face”, with a sales manager who has at least 3+ salespeople who report directly to him or her. These students also participate in two sales call role play scenarios with the Principles of Selling students, first as a Purchasing Director or Buyer and second as a Sales Manager who is doing a post-sales call performance review with them.

The UD Sales Club was founded in the fall of 2010 as an extension of the Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling and has over 100+ undergraduate student members. Monthly activities include: Recruiting Presentations by selected Business Partners, Educational Seminars by Sales Professionals, Community Service Events, Networking & Social Functions and Corporate Site Visits or Field Trips.  

The University of Dayton participates annually in both the National Collegiate Sales Competition and the National Sales Challenge. The student sales teams are coached by faculty member Tony Krystofik. Student Contestants are selected from an internal sales competition for each event. Student Alternates are also chosen to participate in over 150+ hours of sales training and interaction with our Business Partners, to prepare for these sales competitions.


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