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Why do research?

Why do research?

At the University of Dayton’s Business Research Group we think that the purpose of research is to improve the quality of your decisions. The entire project is structured around the client’s needs. In order to achieve that purpose, the Business Research Group emphasizes the following in its projects.

  • Asking the right questions – We spend whatever up-front time is necessary to insure that the research questions will provide the information that allows the client to make better decisions. We need to get to know you and to understand the decisions you are trying to make. If you are getting tired of answering our questions, we are probably getting close to starting the project! Client interaction is essential, for example, in developing the questionnaire, interview guide or focus group discussion guide.
  • Using the right method – We use the information requirements to select the appropriate methodology, not the other way around. Do we need primary data gathering or will secondary information sources satisfy the need? Is a quantitative or qualitative approach the right method? Can data be collected effectively with a mail survey or should we use telephone or in-person interviewing? Will information be developed best in a focus group setting or does the nature of the information sought suggest an individual, one-on-one approach?
  • Getting accurate information – Our expertise includes knowing where to look for secondary information, as well as how to collect primary data. We emphasize the importance of surveying the right population and/or choosing focus group participants who know the answers to your questions. We outsource data collection to a trusted partner in order to insure that proper quality controls are in place for gathering information. The best questions and the best analysis do not produce quality research without insuring the accuracy of the information being used.
  • Relating analysis to research goals – BRG’s in-house staff has experience with most analytical techniques. However, if we need additional expertise, we can draw on the resources of the entire university. We think that the appropriate analytical approach is not necessarily the most sophisticated one, but rather the one that will provide the best answers to the research questions.
  • Preparing clear reports – Reports are written with the reader in mind. The purpose is to provide an accurate picture of the study’s findings and to relate conclusions to the research questions. We are not interested in portraying the research as more complicated or mystical than it is. Although the written report should stand on its own, it can always be supplemented with an oral presentation or discussion of the results.
  • Being objective – We cannot guarantee that you will like the answers, but we can assure you that the research will be conducted and presented in an objective and accurate manner. Integrity in the research process--what else would you expect from a university that has been here since 1850?

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