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Business Wisdom Through International, Service, and Experiential Education

We Believe It's Not Enough to Just Learn About Business

As a business student you’ll pick from eight majors that will give you a solid base of understanding into the operations of any business enterprise. We believe this is just the start of your education. To really excel as a business professional, you’ll need to gain additional business wisdom outside the classroom. That’s why we created BWISEIn order to complete the BWISE graduation requirement, students must complete two out of three components in service, international, or experiential education.

The first requirement is Service. Our Catholic and Marianist heritage is infused throughout our curriculum. As future business professionals, we take our mission to be part of the solution to grave problems seriously. To start you on this path, you can complete the Service requirement in BWISE. The second requirement is International. Competitive companies know that markets aren’t limited by borders anymore. Whether it’s a place to buy from or to sell to, companies of all sizes and in all sectors need workers who understand the global nature of business. The final requirement is Experiential. Imagine walking into a job interview boasting of a company you’ve already started or an internship you’ve completed. Or how about discussing your experience as an officer with Flyer Enterprises, one of the country’s largest student run businesses (and operator of the Blend and ArtStreet Cafe)? Or that you managed $20 million of the University’s endowment? Or that you performed due diligence on startup companies as part of a million-dollar venture capital fund? By completing this requirement you won’t have to imagine any of this. It’ll be real.

All BWISE-qualifying activities must be pre-approved. See your academic advisor in the SBA Advising Office for more information on these opportunities and to seek pre-approval before starting a BWISE-qualifying activity.  Professional advisers in Career Services are also happy to help you at any time.



Living Life in Service to Others

This requirement is met by serving the community in a substantial way during your time at UD. Regardless of how you complete the Service option, you’ll come away realizing that living life in service to others is a way of life for all Flyers.


Sell to the World

This requirement can be met through international education, either through study abroad, an international internship, or taking international business or language courses at UD. When you complete this requirement, you’ll be able to tell future employers that you possess the global literacy necessary to compete on an international scale.


Bring the Real World into the Classroom

This component can be met by taking part in experiential learning opportunities such as internships or other jobs related to your major. It can also be met by participating in a competition or starting your own business.



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