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Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

The MIS major at the University of Dayton is designed primarily to develop business systems analysts. These professionals analyze and design information systems in business organizations and marshal resources (i.e., manage projects) to bring the systems development effort to successful completion. MIS professionals also facilitate the successful operation and maintenance of organizational information systems.

A distinctive feature of the program is the year-long capstone consulting project for a local organization. Naturally, this live experience is a major selling point in job interviews. Besides this built-in real-world experience, most students also take advantage of the many available MIS internship and/or "co-op" education opportunities. Indeed, such co-curricular practical experiences, e.g., internships or projects through our Center for Project Excellence, are a required feature of our program. From the very first year, our curriculum also emphasizes participation in networking and other activities that provide our students with an edge in the job market and in the development of their future careers.

Why should you join us? Our students have:

  • a strong and caring faculty
  • an outstanding curriculum with built-in real world experience
  • interesting and challenging jobs
  • a great job placement rate (historically among the best in the SBA)
  • great starting salaries (again, historically the best in the SBA; in 2020, averaging above $63K with a high of $75K).

A short note first. Some of you will browse this site and perhaps find your calling. Some will just browse. Others won't even bother. That's OK. MIS is not for everybody. We want to get the message out to students who are good problem solvers, like business, can work with technology, can communicate effectively, and can handle a lot of stuff flying at them at one time. If you want an exciting, rewarding, dynamic career, check out MIS at UD.

For now, let's just focus on the important stuff (before you ditch us and go back to updating your profile on Facebook, where incidentally you could join us in the UD MIS group)...


You have questions. We have answers!

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