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Department of Management and Marketing

Opportunities & Activities

The University of Dayton stresses Practical Wisdom—combining the classroom and world together in a way that allows you to sharpen your skills.  It’s a key reason why employers love hiring our students—they can hit the ground running.  We encourage all students to get involved—it provides valuable business insights while experiencing the spirit of service and having some fun as well.

Department Competitions

The Fiore Talorico Center for Professional Selling sends teams of students to four to six national sales competitions annually.  Entrepreneurship majors can test themselves by entering the Everest Real Estate Challenge.  Our Department sponsors the campus-wide UD Flyer Pitch Competition, providing over $80k annually in prize packages.  All of these help separate you from other students applying for career jobs, plus they are a lot of fun.

UD Flyer Pitch Competition

The School of Business Administration at the University of Dayton hosts an annual Flyer Pitch Competition. For the 2015-2016, first place won $25,000.00 and over $190,000.00 in total prize monies were awarded. The competition involves teams investigating the feasibility of a new venture and constructing a plan for launching the venture using common formats and guidelines. Because writing a comprehensive business plan can seem daunting, entry is simple and applicants receive built-in support throughout the entire process of developing a winning plan. Indeed, outstanding business plans often attract funding from investors, something that could eventually spur job creation and economic growth in a region.
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Professional Fraternities

In addition to two SBA wide Business fraternities (Delta Sigma Pi, and Alpha Kappi Psi), our department has multiple professional fraternities targeted at our majors, including one national fraternity created and led by UD students!  Like other professional fraternities, they provide networking and education opportunities but dive deeper into specific interest areas.

Mu Kappa Tau  (MKT)

MKT is a different business fraternity as it seeks to recognize the best and brightest students in marketing.  As a member, you are formally recognized for your outstanding academic achievement in the field of marketing.  Inductees to this National Academic Honor Society for marketing majors have a 3.25 GPA or higher.

Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE)

PSE is a national business fraternity dedicated to professional selling.  Our members provide student-run leadership to the Fiore Talorico Center for Professional Selling and arrange professional visits from industry professionals.  Students enjoy networking opportunities which can lead to paid internships and career opportunities.  PSE also helps coordinate UD’s involvement in several national sales competitions.
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Epsilon Nu Tau  (ENT)

The nation’s first professional business fraternity dedicated to entrepreneurs!  In true entrepreneurial fashion, our entrepreneurship students have founded and maintain the “alpha” chapter.  ENT offers students not only networking and service opportunities but helps connect them to the local entrepreneurship ecosystem as well as explore new business possibilities.  You can find them hanging out in workspaces inside the L. William Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.
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Club Activity

Find like-minded individuals pursuing the same interests you may have.  Our clubs arrange networking opportunities, hear from industry professionals and help you develop your gifts and talents.

Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization Club (CEO)

Get an edge in entrepreneurship. Hear from guest speakers, visit local entrepreneurial companies and attend the National Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) Conference. All majors and graduate students can join.

Junior Entrepreneurship Mentor Program (JEM)

This program provides a unique mentoring experience for our sophomore entrepreneurship students by our junior ENT majors.  Select juniors become a mentor to a Sophomore Experience company team for the entire academic year. Having already completed our demanding Sophomore Experience sequence (a one-year course where sophomore entrepreneurship students conceive, organize, launch, operate and harvest a for-profit company), these students are in a terrific position to share their experience in this “students-mentoring-students” program.

Marketing Club

Benefit by belonging to the world's largest, most comprehensive professional association of marketers – The American Marketing Association. Hear speakers on topics like advertising, media marketing, sports marketing and international marketing. Spend time with professionals who work in your area, interact with other business organizations and see how marketing fits into the big picture.

Student-Run "Flyer" Businesses

Student run, student led.  Our Flyer businesses put students in executive/leadership roles.  They are managers of meaningful businesses before they graduate; advancing through the ranks and demonstrating their talents for managing others.  Departing students hire their replacements and recognize that developing future talent is a crucial role of their management responsibilities.

Flyer Enterprises

Flyer Enterprises is a seven-figure, student-run business headquartered in Miriam Hall and employing over 100 students.  Flyer Enterprises operates nine student-run businesses on campus, ranging from coffee shops/snack bars to catering and a storage company.  With so much going on, it is the fourth largest campus-based business in the country and is open to all undergraduate students at UD.  Flyer Enterprises sees its mission as creating experiential learning for UD students, something numerous employers actively seek out.
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Flyer Consulting

Flyer Consulting is a student-run organization of standout University of Dayton students who are passionate about making a difference for nonprofits. By applying the skills and techniques learned in the classroom to business problems faced by local, regional and international nonprofits, Flyer Consulting members are able to augment their education with invaluable real-world experience and carry out the University’s vision of students working for the common good.
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Flyer Angels

Flyer Angels is a competitively selected group of students whose mission is to make targeted angel investments in Ohio-based, high-tech startups.  The students perform due diligence, study term sheets and approve investments.  While interest in angel investing is growing, currently fewer than ten programs nationwide permit undergraduates to make angel investments—we’re one of them!  Flyer Angels partner with two organizations focused on Angel investing:  The Dayton Development Coalition and Columbus-based Ohio Tech Angels.  To date the Flyer Angels have made over 20 investments in start-ups!
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Special Events

Family Business Forum

This two-day annual program brings together parents of entrepreneurship students who are running family businesses. On the first day, groups of parents share their experiences about starting and running their businesses for all students. On the second day, students read and discuss a case about the challenges associated with dividing up ownership of the business between family members who are and who are not involved with the business. The forum provides an outstanding opportunity for students to grasp the complexities associated with running family businesses.

Internships & Co-ops

You have the opportunity to participate in resume-building, experience-enhancing internships and cooperative education during the summer or school year. Immerse yourself in business, gain new insights and determine what type of job you're really interested in. You may even find a position before you graduate.
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Department of Management and Marketing

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