Cooperative Education in Operations and Supply Management at the University of Dayton (OPS CO-OPS)

    Operations and Supply Management (OPS) students are encouraged to consider participating in the University of Dayton's CO-OP Education Program. Details of the UD CO-OP program can be found at the UD Career Services website:

    Cooperative education is a structured program that combines classroom learning with practical work experience. Students alternate terms between studying and full-time working for a participating company in an operations and supply management-oriented job. The benefits are many, including: significant help in financing one's education, gaining an edge in the job market, and enhancing the quality of one's university learning experience. Depending on one's individual qualifications and preferences, the program provides for graduation after 8 - 10 semesters. First work assignments often begin in the third or fourth semester; thus interested students should plan early. For advice on curriculum planning to accommodate a co-op experience, students should contact the UD School of Business Center for Academic Success at:

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