Academic Programs

Outstanding teaching, a curriculum relevant to contemporary business, integrating theory into practice, students working closely with faculty, great track record in placing graduates — these are just a few of the things that characterize the department of economics and finance. We offer undergraduate majors in finance and business economics in the School of Business Administration, and we also offer an economics major and an applied mathematical economics major in the College of Arts and Sciences. At the graduate level, we offer a finance concentration in the MBA program and support the Master of Financial Mathematics degree.

Economics and finance at UD offer exceptional preparation for many fields — banking, financial analysis, brokers, corporate finance, government, law, insurance, international business — and many more. Department majors also are well qualified for graduate work. Many majors obtain real-world experience through a variety of internship experiences. Some serve as tutors for other students, and some assist faculty members with research projects.

There is considerable hands-on learning in our department. Many students become team members in the Davis Center for Portfolio Management. Many are involved in managing a nearly $17 million real money portfolio, and that's among the largest student managed funds in the country. Team members supplement classroom work by learning securities management strategies and by using software of the sort used on Wall Street. They also participate in R.I.S.E., the world's largest student investment forum. It really is! There is also the Hanley Trading Center, where students have experience learning about the complex world of derivatives, also called alternative investments. UD is one of very few schools to offer hands-on learning for traditional investments and alternative investments. What unusual and marvelous opportunities to learn about investments! Job placement for students in both centers is amazing, and that sure matters in today's business world.

Economics and finance majors find it easy to build strong resumes because of so many opportunities to connect theory with practice. And that's so important in the contemporary business world. We have a qualified and talented faculty, eager to assist students in learning. Most of our classes are taught by academically and professionally qualified faculty. Most are full time, but a few are well qualified part-time faculty. We do not utilize any graduate students for teaching functions. That underscores our commitment to quality teaching, taken seriously by all of faculty. Take a serious look at all we have to offer.

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