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Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Throughout the year our students take advantage of opportunities for professional experience: summer or semester internships in the U.S. and abroad, co-ops, and work/study programs on campus are just some examples of ways our students attain real-world insights that build on knowledge gained in the classroom.

Joseph Charbel
This go-to student employee is prepared to go places himself!
Read more about Joseph's success story
Michael Sundermeier
Michael's reach has taken him across UD's campus and across the globe.
Read more about Michael's success story
Andrew Wong
Wherever life takes him, Andrew will always have a place to call home and a community to call his own.
Read more about Andrew's success story.
Abby Schatzman
Her relationships with SBA faculty have inspired Abby Schatzman to consider teaching here some day.
Read more about Abby's success story.
Patrick Casale
A growing sense of servant leadership is just one result of Patrick Casale's decision to attend UD.
Read more about Patrick's success story.
Hannah Odzer

A simple act of kindness helped make UD a place Hannah Odzer will always call home.

Read more about Hannah's success story.
Danielle Ruffolo

The Sophomore Experience course put Danielle Ruffolo on the fast track to entrepreneurship.

Read more about Danielle's success story.


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