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Brand Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can help me with my project?

Our marketing toolkit provides tips, tricks and resources on creating branded materials.

Through our self-service marketing templates, you can easily create branded, customized materials from your computer – without any special software or design knowledge. The templates are available to faculty and staff at no cost.

You may also create the piece on your own or work with a freelancer; your office is responsible for any costs and ensuring the piece complies with the University Marketing and Communication Policy.

Authorized campus users can access our photo library to browse and download photos. (Read the user guide (.pdf) before getting started.)

I don't have the typefaces. What can I do?

If you are creating a piece using our self-service marketing templates, the fonts are embedded into the templates; you do not need to purchase or install them.

If you are working with a pre-approved freelancer, he or she will have the typefaces needed for your piece; you do not need to purchase them.

If you are creating a piece using another method, you will need to purchase the fonts. You can purchase an entire font family or a single typeface (bold, italic, Roman, etc.) depending on your needs. If you create a piece on your own, it must comply with the University Marketing and Communications Policy.


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