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Get your Textbooks

Get your Textbooks at the Bookstore

The Bookstore makes getting your textbooks easy, leaving you time to get an early start on studying.

Shopping for textbooks at the Bookstore is easy! We have the right editions for your classes, even when the syllabus is unclear about which edition is offered or needed. We handle returns and exchanges if you need to drop a class. Most importantly, we are UD. The Bookstore is campus-owned, so the money you spend on textbooks, stays on campus.

You can order your textbooks through the Bookstore online before the semester begins! Students who do not order their textbooks online before the start of the semester should come to the Bookstore to pick out and purchase any physical materials. All e-books can be ordered online at any time before or during the semester. The last day to use your textbook scholarship for the spring semester is April 12th. Visit our blog for the most current information.

  • 1/29/24

    Last day for a full textbook refund (with or without drop).

  • 4/12/24

    Last day to opt out of CDA.

  • 4/12/24

    Last day to use the textbook scholarship for Spring 2024.

More Information

A staff member can help you find what you need! Bring your Student ID, a copy of your schedule, or a list of your textbooks; our staff will require one of these items in order to help you find your books.

  • Textbooks are located on the second floor of the University's Bookstore, in Marianist Hall.
  • Shelves are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Tags on the shelves list all courses, sections, and professors using this material for the semester.
  • Make sure you buy the correct book for your section.
  • Not all books are required; some books are optional if the course material is strictly supplemental to the course.
  • If no author tag is available for your book, then it may not have been officially requested by the instructor or the book could be listed under a different author name. Please check with our staff if you experience issues locating materials.

Save yourself time by ordering your textbooks online. In order to accommodate and improve your experience, all web orders are either in-store pick-up or shipped via UPS.

  • Please be aware that we are unable to ship to residence halls, the student neighborhood, or landlord addresses.
  • The sooner the start of the semester is, the more we recommend stopping by the Bookstore textbook department on the second floor of Marianist Hall to find and purchase your physical books. 
    • Digital book orders (not CDA) will still need to be ordered online to receive access codes.

How to Order your Textbooks

  1. Visit and select "My Account" in the banner above the UD logo.
  2. Log into your UD account.
  3. Click on the first course in "My Courses" list at the top of the page.
  4. Review the materials listed for your courses and select from your purchasing options.
  5. Click "Add/Update Items in Cart" at the bottom of the page.
  6. Complete the CAPTCHA and select the green "Checkout" button.
  7. Fill in the required information and click "Review Order".
    1. To use your textbook scholarship, choose "Textbook Scholarship/Student Account" as your payment method.
    2. Enter your Student ID number in the next section. 
  8. Review your order and information and select "Submit Order".

If you are eligible for the Textbook Award, and you wish to purchase textbooks using your $500 award, check out the Textbook Award Program page. There you can find how to check your eligibility and award balance, how to use your award in-store and online, and what you can use your award for. For the Spring 2024 semester, the last day to use your textbook scholarship is April 12, 2024. After this date, all course materials can be purchased with Flyer Express, student charge, or credit/debit cards.

If you are not eligible for the Textbook Award, you may access a pre-filled shopping cart with your books by accessing your course schedule from within Porches, or proceed directly to the textbook search tool to find your books individually.



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