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5 Reasons Not to Skip the Bookstore

Checking out the Bookstore can be worth both your time and money. Stop at the Bookstore before you head to the computer to buy next semester's textbooks.
1. We have what you need.

The Bookstore will carry the right edition for your class, even when textbook sites or the syllabus are unclear about which edition is offered or needed. Many students accidentally order the wrong edition of the textbook when buying online, which can be a big inconvenience throughout the semester. The professor will reference specific pages for reading and assignments, and the page numbers often change between editions. Plus, the content may vary.

2. We handle returns and exchanges.

If you need to change your schedule or drop a class, the book will have to be returned. If the book was purchased at the Bookstore, you can easily walk in and exchange the book for the one that is needed. Getting to the post office, FedEx or UPS to return a book purchased online can be a big hassle. Make sure to factor the cost of transportation, plus the possible cost of return shipping, when you think about the potential cost savings from ordering online.

3. We have books in stock.

Get the book without delay. At the Bookstore, you can walk in and pick up the book that you need right away. Don't be at the mercy of shipping time, which can end up dragging on for any number of reasons. Don't get behind in class just to save a few dollars.

4. We are UD.

Your money stays on campus. The Bookstore is campus-owned, meaning the profits stay on campus. Surpluses are generally donated back to the school.

5. You can look before you buy.

Preview used book options in the store. Ordering online doesn't allow you to flip through the pages and see exactly how "used" the book may be. At the campus bookstore, you can make sure that the book isn't so marked up or damaged that it will be a distraction.

If you decide to buy your books online, make sure to check these 4 things:

1. Get the right book.

Verify the book's ISBN number to ensure you are ordering the right edition. The ISBN is usually 13 digits and starts with 978.

2. Verify your delivery date.

Find out exactly when the book will be received. If you live on campus, add one day to the estimated delivery time for the book to get from the campus mail center to you. If the books won't arrive in time to do the first assignment, it may be better to order the book from the Bookstore. The savings aren't worth starting off the semester behind.

3. Know the return policy.

Carefully read the return policy. How much does it cost to ship the book back? Is it easy for you to get to the post office, UPS or FedEx to ship the book? Factor in the cost if not.

4. Check price comparison sites.

Rather than going site-by-site, try a price comparison site that does the research for you. Verba, a software tool similar to Kayak for travel sites, searches every site selling books and shows you the best prices. The Bookstore offers a direct link to Verba—Dayton Price Comparison—using our booklist so you can check all your classes at the same time.



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