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Complete Digital Access


We are excited to have courses which have chosen to offer Complete Digital Access titles. These required course materials will be available the first day of class through Isidore, and the textbook scholarship and/or student account will be charged after the semester drop date.  Prior to the start of each semester, students will receive an email listing their CDA courses, the cost per course, opt out instructions, and other important information.   There is nothing the student needs to do other than go to class and log into Isidore. It's that easy!

See instructions on how to opt out below in our FAQs. If you do not opt out in time, the cost of your materials will automatically be charged to your textbook scholarship or student account.

Frequently Asked Questions

CDA is a textbook collaboration between faculty, major publishers, and our campus to provide required course materials in a digital format at a reduced cost. The CDA course materials are accessed through the Isidore site for the respective course.

CDA provides required materials automatically when you enroll in the course, all at a reduced cost. These materials cost 50%-80% less than their printed versions. Additionally, CDA minimizes your environmental impact.

When you are enrolled in a course using CDA, you are automatically enrolled in the CDA program. You will have access to all of your materials on the first day of classes through your Isidore portal.

Keep an eye out for your welcome email for the CDA program. The link will show you your CDA course information, including classes, materials, and prices for each. Please be sure to check your University of Dayton email address for all correspondence regarding CDA and opt-out deadline reminders.

All CDA materials are accessed through the course profile on Isidore. The course instructor will provide specific directions or communication, if needed. If you're having trouble or unable to get clarification from the instructor, contact and reference Complete Digital Access in the subject line.

Course materials may be used free of charge the first day of class through the last day to drop a full-term course without record. As long as the student remains opted into the program (see information under the "How do I opt out of the CDA Program?" page), the student will be able to fully access the content needed until this point with no charge. On the last day to drop a full-term course, the Bookstore will automatically apply textbook scholarship funds to cover the price of Complete Digital Access. If there is not enough remaining funds on the textbook scholarship or if you have not been awarded the scholarship, the Bookstore will charge the excess to your University student account. Any students who opt out of the program or drop the class on or prior to the published drop date for the semester will not be charged for the materials, regardless of their use of the materials.

The University Bookstore has worked with publishers to get students their course materials at the lowest possible price. These materials are required by the instructor. If you decide that you do not want to participate, you will need to opt out of the program and be sure that you are legally obtaining the material on your own. Upon opting out of the CDA program, you will receive an email confirming the opt out, and you will not be charged.

Should you choose to opt out of the CDA, please note that your instructors are NOT responsible for providing alternative materials or waiving course/class requirements.

To opt out of the CDA program, click on the personalized link in an email to you regarding course materials. Through this page, you may choose to opt out or opt back into each course. All of your courses will have you listed as "opt in" unless otherwise specified and changed to mark as "opt out".

If you have chosen to opt out and wish to opt back in, it must be done before the published drop date for the semester. 

As long as the course is dropped prior to the published drop date for the semester, there will not be a charge for the cost of the CDA content. 



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